Practice Page 1

Write the possessive form of the following:

      a.   the doll of the girl                  ___________________________

      b.   the tail of the cow                  ___________________________

      c.   the beak of the bird                ___________________________

      d.   the mother of Ayush               ___________________________

      e.   the teeth of the monster         ___________________________

      f.    the car of my friend                ___________________________

      g.   the bag of the visitor              ___________________________

      h.   the house of the relative         ___________________________

      i.     the purse of the lady             ___________________________

      j.    the feet of the baby               ___________________________

      k.   the laptop of the man             ___________________________

      l.     the wings of the butterfly        ___________________________

      m. the den of the lion                  ___________________________

      n.   the servant of the king            ___________________________

      o.   the bicycle of Ayush                ___________________________

Practice Page 2

Write the possessive form of the following:

     a.   the shoes of the children     ____________________________

     b.   the bags of the ladies          ____________________________

     c.   the smile of the woman        ____________________________

     d.   the dress of the hero            ____________________________

     e.   the tricycle of the baby        _____________________________

      f.    the burrow of the rabbit       ____________________________

     g.   the bag of the visitor            ____________________________

     h.   the house of my teacher       ____________________________

      i.     the shop of the grocer          ___________________________

      j.    the tools of the mechanic      ___________________________

      k.   the uniforms of the children   ___________________________

       l.     the pen of the girl                ___________________________

      m. the cat of Dia                       ___________________________

      n.   the tail of the lizard              ___________________________

      o.   the color box of Ayush          ___________________________


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