Q41. How are grains stored in godowns?


Q42. Is it a good practice to burn the stubs left in the field? Give reasons.


Q43. How weeds are removed manually?


Q44. What are the harmful effects of using fertilisers?


Q45. What do you understand by agricultural practices?


Q46. What is animal husbandry?


Q47. What precautions should be taken while spraying weedicides and why?


Q48. Explain in detail the structure and use of hoe.


Q49. What are fertilisers? Give some examples.


Q50. Why appropriate distance between the seeds is important?


Q51. Why earthworms and microbes are called friends of farmer?


Q52. What are kharif crops?


Q53. What are rabi crops?


Q54. Why do farmers add manure to the soil?


Q55. What will happen if field is not ploughed before sowing the seeds?


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