Q23. Why proper storage of crop products is important?


Q24. Give some examples of Kharif crop.


Q25. What are the benefits of eating fish?


Q26. How do fertilisers help farmers?


Q27. How are crops categorised in India?


Q28. How is harvesting done in India?


Q29. What is winnowing?


Q30. List some festivals that are associated with the harvest season.


Q31. What is crop rotation?


Q32. Why should excessive supply of water to plants be avoided?


Q33. Why some seeds float on water?


Q34. Why does farmer rotate crops in the field?


Q35. What are the different sources of irrigation?


Q36. What is the right time to spray weedicides?


Q37. How is threshing carried out?


Q38. What are the advantages of using manure in crop fields?


Q39. In summer, the frequency of watering is higher. Why is it so?


Q40. Why does the loosening of soil allow the roots to breathe easily?


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