Practice Page 1

     Underline the Adjective:

·         A small girl hurt herself with a pointed nail.

·         The basket on the table is full of flowers.

·         The dog chased the monkeys, barking loudly.

·         Ram is an obedient servant.

·         This book is about mysterious monster.

·         Few men do not agree with the solution.

·         These mangoes are very tasty.

·         The old man is her relative.

·         Ria has long and curly hair.

·         The new teacher manages her class smartly.

·         Dia wrote many poems.

·         Please, lend me some money.

·         There are thirty five students in my class.

Practice Page 2

Fill in the blanks with Adjectives in the sentences given below:

·         There was very __________ oil in the bottle.

·         My friend is standing ______________ from right.

·         _____________children are practising for Republic Day.

·         I wore __________ sari yesterday.

·         Look at _____________ puppy.

·         Is _________ pen yours?

·         My friend entertained us with his ____________ act.

·         ____________mangoes are very tasty.

·         I don’t want to buy ______________ house.

·         Ayushi stood ____________ in the last test.

·         The boy is dragging a __________ box.

·         Please, give me ____________ eggs.

·         __________bag is yours.


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