Practice Page 1


State True (T) or False (F).


a. The sun is star too. ________

b. All heavenly bodies in space called the universe._______

c. Sun is a small ball of burning gas. ___________

d. All planet support life._______

e. The part of the earth that does not receive light has night and part of the earth that face the sun has day._________

f. Star has its own light. ___________


Fill in the blanks.




a. Sun, moon and stars are ____________________ in the sky.

b. Sun gives us warmth and ________.

c. Our earth is a __________ while the moon is a ________________.

d. The earth moves around the sun in _________ days, almost a year.

e. ______________ is the brightest thing we can see in the night sky.

f. The different moon shapes we see are __________ of moon.


Match the following


a. Sun

movement of earth around the sun

b. Day and night

nearest star to the earth

c. Seasons caused by

is caused by spinning of earth

d. Moon

is a beautiful planet

e. Earth

is a big, round lump of rock that moves around the Earth

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