About the passage

A.  Read to understand

Answer the following questions.

1. Who was given the task of guarding Chushul? What was their strategy to counter Chinese intrusions?


2. How did the army guard the vastness of Chushul?


3. Who was set the task of defending Rezang La? Why was this post of special importance?


4. What was the opinion of the senior officers concerning Major Shaitan Singh and his men?


5. What was Major Singh’s attitude towards the men he commanded? How did he inspire them during combat?


6. List five ways in which Major Singh and his men were at a disadvantage as they faced the Chinese attack.


B.  Read to infer

1. What was ‘significant’ about the breaking up of the 114 Infantry Brigade’s artillery battery among its various companies?


2. Why do you think Major Shaitan Singh ordered the three men to leave him behind?


3. Were the Kumaonis successful in carrying out the task entrusted to them? Justify your answer.


C.  Discuss

Major Shaitan Singh was a good leader. What do you think were the qualities that made him so? Brainstorm in groups of four, and list the features that you think are necessary in a good leader.


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