Q19. Name the new social groups that developed in Awadh to influence the management of the state’s revenue system.


Q20. How were peasant-pastoralists important for Shivaji?


Q21. What were the policies adopted by Asaf Jah to strengthen his position?


Q22. What were the offices held by Sa‘adat Khan?


Q23. Who ruled the Maratha kingdom after the death of Shivaji?


Q24. Why zamindars of Bengal had to borrow money from bankers and moneylenders?


Q25. Name the three states that were carved out of the old Mughal provinces in the 18th century and stand out very prominently.


Q26. What was the ambition of the Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah? Why was his ambition not fulfilled?


Q27. Write a short note on administration of Marathas.


Q28. Why did the Marathas want to expand beyond the Deccan?


Q29. What was the impact of Nadir Shah’s invasion upon Delhi?


Which foreign invaders arrived in the middle of the economic and political crisis in 1739?


Q30. Who established a stable Maratha kingdom and how?


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