Q1. True/False

                            i.        Nadir Shah invaded Bengal. _________

                           ii.        Murshid Quli Khan was appointed as the naib, deputy to the governor of the Bengal province. ________

                          iii.        Sawai Raja Jai Singh was the ruler of Indore. _________

                          iv.        Guru Gobind Singh was the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. ________

                          v.        Poona became the capital of the Marathas in the eighteenth century. ________

                          vi.        The later Mughal emperors were puppets in the hands of either the Iranis or Turanis. ________

Q2. Fill in the blanks

                          i.        Aurangzeb fought a protracted war in the ____________.

                         ii.        In the eighteenth century, the Sikhs organized themselves into a number of bands called ___________.

                        iii.        Umara and jagirdars constituted powerful sections of the Mughal ______________.

                        iv.        Asaf Jah was given charge of the Deccan subadari in __________.

                         v.        The founder of the Awadh nawabi was________________________.

                        vi.        Groups of highly mobile, peasantpastoralists (kunbis) provided the backbone of the _____________army.

          vii.        Sawai Raja Jai Singh founded his new capital at __________.


Q3. Where was Bharatpur fort built?


Q4. Who was Jawahir Shah?


Q5. When was khalsa established?


Q6. When was Banda Bahadur captured and executed?


Q7. When was the third battle of Panipat fought?


Q8. When did Marathas successfully raid Delhi?


Q9. Where did Sawai Raja Jai Singh found his new capital?


Q10. Name the ruler under whose leadership the Jats became powerful.


Q11. Name two important trading centres in the areas dominated by Jats.


Q12. What was the result of Aurangzeb’s long war in the Deccan?


Q13. Why was system called rakhi introduced?


Q14. What was chauth?


Q15. What was Sardeshmukhi?


Q16. What was the geographical and economic importance of Awadh?


Q17. Why did the Nawabs of Awadh and Bengal try to do away with the jagirdari system?


Q18. Who seized the rich province of the Punjab and the Sarkar of Sirhind from the Mughals in mid of the 17th century?


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