Q18. What was name of the text that was illustrated in the miniature paintings of Himachal Pradesh?


Q19. What is called rasa lila?


Q20. How did regional cultures evolve?


Q21. What is Manipravalam? Name a book written in that language.


Q22. Why did conquerors try to control the temple of Jagannatha at Puri?


Q23. How did the Cheras draw upon Sanskritic traditions?


Q24. Why do we know much more about the cultural practices of rulers than about those of ordinary people?


Q25. How did Kathak reach its present form?


Q26. How are women depicted in the stories about Rajput heroes?


Q27. Why were the Bengal Brahmanas allowed to eat fish?


Q28. Write a short note on Kangra School of painting.


Q29. Why did minstrels proclaim the achievements of heroes?


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