Practice Page 1


Add the following:




a.   480l 175ml + 61l 200ml




b.   603l 800ml + 52l 210ml






Subtract the following:


a.   55l 768ml – 34l 345ml




b.   171l 899ml – 70l 798ml






Practice Page 2


Solve the following:




c.   23ml +  14ml  =  ________ + 23ml

d.   59l + _______ = 65l

e.   25l + 10l = __________

f.    1l + 500ml= ___________ml

g.   100ml + 0ml = ____________ml

h.   500ml – 25ml = _________


Word problem:


c.   A tub contains 25l of water and another tub contains 27l. Find the total amount of water in the two tubs.






d.   A bottle contains 100ml of medicine. 25ml of medicine fell on the ground. How much medicine is left in the bottle?





Practice Page 3


Convert into ml:




i.     58l




j.    82l




k.   9l 500ml




d. 3l 750ml




e. 5l 285ml





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