Q21. Who were the followers of Baba Guru Nanak?


Q22. Who was Jalaluddin Rumi?


Q23. Who initiated Virashaiva movement?


Q24. Name the compositions of Surdas which express his devotion?


Q25. Why did the Mughal emperor Jahangir order the execution of Guru Aijan in 1606?


Q26. What did the terms ‘nam’, ‘dan’ and ‘isnan’ mean?


Q27. Who was Ramanuja?


Q28. To whom did Baba Guru Nanak appoint as his successor?


Q29. Why do you think many teachers rejected prevalent religious beliefs and practices?


Q30. What do you know about Shankaradeva?


Q31. How did Khalsa Panth emerge?


Q32. Why do you think ordinary people preserved the memory of Mirabai?


Q33. How Chola and Pandya kings contributed for the growth of the Bhakti movement?


Q34. What were the teachings of the saints of Maharashtra?


Q35. For either the Virashaivas or the saints of Maharashtra, discuss their attitude towards caste.


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