Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                          i.        Indian Constitution recognises all Indians as _______before the law.

                         ii.        All adults in India have the equal right to vote during __________.

                        iii.        The TMS has also begun giving the fishworkers loans for repair and the buying of new ______.


Q2. True/False

                          i.        The increasing privatization of health services and the neglect of government hospitals have made it difficult for most poor people. ____

                         ii.        Ansaris were not getting a flat on rent because of their religion. _____

                        iii.        In 2006, the Madhya Pradesh government decided to give to the people displaced by the Tawa dam the fishing rights for the reservoir. ______


Q3. Name the state where Tawa Matsya Sang was started.


Q4. What was the demand of Tawa Matsya Sangh?


Q5. Why so many people’s lives in India are highly unequal?


Q6. Why teachers forced Omprakash Valmiki to sweep the school yard?


Q7. Why people are treated unequally in India?


Q8. How Indian Constitution justify rights to equality?


Q9. What role does the Constitution play in people’s struggles for equality?


Q10. Why the old Tehri town and many villages, some totally and some partially, were submerged?


Q11. How writers, singers, dancers and artists have also been very active in the fight against inequality?


Q12. Why girls belonging to Dalit, Adivasis and Muslim community drop out of schools in large numbers?


Q13. What do you know about Tawa Matsya Sangh?


What issue is the Tawa Matsya Sangh (TMS) fighting for?


Q14. Do you think that the large-scale participation of villagers has contributed to the success of the TMS? Write two lines on why you think so.


Q15. Why did the villagers set up Tawa Matsya Sangh?


Q16. What do you think is meant by the expression ‘power over the ballot box’? Discuss.

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