Q16. Compare the earnings per shirt of the worker in the garment factory, the garment exporter and the businessperson in the market abroad. What do you find?


Q17. Explain the following term: Ginning mill, Exporter and Profit


Q18. If the weavers were to buy yarn on their own and sell cloth, they would probably earn three times more. Do you think this is possible? How? Discuss.


Q19. How do exporters cut down the cost of manufacturing garments?


How do the garment exporters meet the conditions set by the foreign buyers?


Q20. How are small farmers dependent on local traders?


How are small farmers in the grip of the local trader?


Q21. Where do you think large farmers would sell their cotton? How is their situation different from Swapna?


Q22. What are the following people doing at the Erode cloth market– merchants, weavers, exporters?


Q23. What made Swapna sell the cotton to the trader instead of selling at the Kurnool cotton market?


Q24. How do weaver’s cooperatives reduce the dependence of weavers on the cloth merchants?


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