Practice Page 1


Add the following:




a.   23m 14cm + 31m 11cm




b.   312km 605m + 22km 202m






Subtract the following:


a.   43m 30cm – 24m 23cm




b.   85km 542m – 45km 334m






Practice Page 2


Solve the following:




c.   23cm +  14cm  =  ________ + 23cm

d.   56cm + _______ = 65cm

e.   25m + 15m = __________

f.    1km = ___________m

g.   1m = ____________cm

h.   50mm – 25mm = _________


Word problem:


c.   An electric cable roll is 400m long. 155m is used. How much roll is left?






d.   Dia has a blue rope 8m long and a red rope 7m long. What is the total length of both the ropes?







Practice Page 3


Convert into cm:




i.     78m



j.    82m



k.   6m 50cm





Convert into m:



e.   8km



b. 6km 10m



c. 9km 90m



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