Practice Page 1


Which is a better estimate for the weight of the following objects?


a. Weight of squirrel – kg / g

b. Weight of cell phone – kg / g

c. Weight of muskmelon – kg / g

d. Weight of a camel – kg / g

e. Weigh of 1 carrot – kg / g

f. Weight of washing machine – kg / g


Convert the following into grams.




b. 3kg


c. 1kg 200g




Practice Page 2


Add the following:


a. 55kg 540g + 12kg 410g




b. 25kg 505g + 15kg 045g




Subtract the following:


a.78kg 954g – 38kg 603g




b. 22kg 505g – 11kg 750g





Practice Page 3

Word Problems:

a. A vegetable vendor had 24kg 570g. He sold 12kg 470g in one day. What is the weight of vegetables that are left?





b. Ria bought 4kg 630g of cherries, 2kg 700g of apples and 3kg 345g of grapes. How much is the total weight of the three things?





c. My weight is 30kg 900g. My friend weight is 28kg 880g. How much more is mine weight?







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