Practice Page 1


State True (T) or false (F).


a. Fresh water is salty. ________

b. Earth is small ball with plenty of water and some land masses. _______

c. We live on solid outer layer of the earth. _______

d. All planet support life._______

e. Rocks are found in different shapes, sizes and in colors on earth. _____

f. Hill is a raised area of land but not high and steep as mountain. ______


Fill in the blanks.




a. Earth is made of ______________ main layers.

b. ____________ is the deepest and hottest layer of the earth.

c. There are 7 very large landmasses on Earth called ________________.

d. The process of breaking down of rock by natural agents is called ____________________.

e.__________, ______________ and _____________ are fresh water bodies.


Match the following


Soil Erosion

is beautiful planet



is a solid naturally occurring inorganic/lifeless material



a large elevated earth surface



washing and blowing away of top layer of soil



outer layer of the Earth


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