Q37. How can you show the image of the sun on a paper?


Q38. The rear view mirror of a car is a plane mirror. A driver is reversing his car at a speed of 2 m/s. The driver sees in his rear view mirror the image of a truck parked behind his car. The speed at which the image of the truck appears to approach the driver will be _________.


Q39. Write an experiment to show that the sunlight consists of seven colours.


Q40. Why the word ambulance is written laterally inverted on ambulance vehicle?


Q41. Find out the letters of English alphabet or any other language known to you in which the image formed in a plane mirror appears exactly like the letter itself. Discuss your findings.


Q42. What is the difference between an object and an image?


Q43. David is observing his image in a plane mirror. The distance between the mirror and his image is 4 m. If he moves 1 m towards the mirror, then find out the distance between David and his image.


Q44. Show that the image is at the same distance behind the plane mirror as the object is in front of it.


Q45. Show how light gets reflected from a plane mirror with the help of an activity.


Q46. State the differences between a convex and a concave lens.


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