Q21. When does rainbow appear in the sky?


Q22. We see reflection of trees or buildings in water. Give reason.


Q23. Why are concave and convex mirrors called spherical mirrors?


Q24. Give one use each of a concave and a convex mirror.


Q25. Why the image formed is erect and is of the same size in stainless steel plate?


Q26. What kind of image is formed by convex lens?


Q27. Write the uses of convex mirror.


Q28. Do you see colours similar to those in a rainbow somewhere else?


Q29. Tina has prepared a small top with a small circular disc with seven rainbow colours painted on it. When the top rotates it appears nearly white. Why?


Q30. What is the nature of the image formed by a concave mirror?


Q31. What type of image does the inner side of a spoon show?


Q32. State the characteristics of the image formed by a plane mirror.


Q33. What is a virtual image? Give one situation where a virtual image is formed.


Q34. How many colors is white light composed of?


Q35. Write the uses of concave mirror.


Q36. Why does obtaining the image of the sun on a paper with the help of a concave mirror burn the paper?



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