Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                            i.        Production of new individuals from the vegetative part of parent is called_________________________.

                           ii.        A flower may have either male or female reproductive parts. Such a flower is called ________________.

                          iii.        The transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of the same or of another flower of the same kind is known as ______________.

                          iv.        The fusion of male and female gametes is termed as ____________.

                           v.        Seed dispersal takes place by means of______, ______and________.

                          vi.        Anther contains pollen grains which produce _______________.


Q2. True/False

                             i.        A spore producing organism is bread mould. _______

                            ii.        Bryophyllum can reproduce by its stem. _______

                           iii.        A bisexual flower has both the male and the female reproductive parts. _______

                           iv.        All organisms multiply or reproduce their own kind. ________

                           v.        In plants there are three modes of reproduction. _________

                           vi.        Leaf is the reproductive part of a plant. __________


Q3. Which is the reproductive part of a plant?


Q4. Name the cell formed as product of fertilization.


Q5. What is the male reproductive part of a flower?


Q6. What is the female reproductive part of a flower?


Q7. What mature ovary turns into?


Q8. What is a node?


Q9. Give examples of plants that reproduce by means of spores.


Q10. How fungi grow on bread?


Q11. What are the two modes of reproduction in plants?


Q12. What is fertilisation?


Q13. What is reproduction?


Q14. Which plant grows from roots?


Q15. How do cacti reproduce?


Q16. What is pollination? Name its types.


Q17. What are unisexual flowers? Give examples.


Q18. What are bisexual flowers? Give examples.


Q19. What are the different modes of asexual reproduction?


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