Q21. What is the function of veins?


Q22. What is the function of valves in veins?


Q23. Where is heart located in human body?


Q24. What is the function of Pulmonary artery?


Q25. What are the excretory organs of the human body?


Q26. What is xylem?


Q27. Which blood vessels carry blood from all parts of the body back to the heart?


Q28. What are veins?


Q29. How do aquatic animals like fishes excrete their waste?


Q30. How do birds, lizards and snakes excrete their waste?


Q31. What is the significance of partition between the chambers of heart?


Q32. How does sweat help keep you cool?


Q33. Why is it necessary to excrete waste products?


Q34. Differentiate between Atrium and Ventricle.


Q35. What is function of xylem?


Q36. What is heart beat?


Q37. What is the main function of the kidneys?


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