Q36. Why do we feel hungry after a physical activity?


Q37. What is anaerobic respiration?


Q38. Do the plants also respire?


Q39. When we release our breath after holding it for some time, we had to breathe heavily. Why it was so?


Q40. How does exchange of gases take place in insects?


Explain respiration in insects.


Q41. When and where does anaerobic respiration occur in humans?


Q42. What is the percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide in inhaled and exhaled air?


Q43. Why do we get relief from cramps after a hot water bath or a massage?


Q44. Why do we often sneeze when we inhale a lot of dust-laden air?


Q45. How does respiration occur in plants?


How do the plants breathe in oxygen?


Q46. What parts of the human body are involved in respiration?


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