Q20. What is inhalation and exhalation?


Q21. How do frogs breathe?


Q22. Name some animals that breathe through lungs.


Q23. Why do mountaineers carry oxygen with them?


Q24. Why should we cover our nose while sneezing?


Q25. How does respiration occur in earthworms?


Q26. What role does hair present in the nasal cavity play in the process of respiration?


Q27. What is normal range of breathing rate per minute in an average adult person at rest?


Q28. Why do we get muscle cramps after heavy exercise?


Q29. What happens during exhalation?


Q30. What happens during inhalation?


Q31. What happens to the air we breathe in?


Q32. How does respiration work in yeast?


Q33. Why are yeasts used to make wine and beer?


Q34. What is the function of gills in fish?


Q35. How do plant roots respire?


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