Q21. Which type of soil is best for growing cotton?


Q22. Wheat are grown in the fine clayey soils. Give reason.


Q23. Classify the soil on the basis of the proportion of particles of various sizes.


Q24. What is called soil moisture?


Q25. State the factors on which nature of the soil depends?


Q26. What is silt?


Q27. Explain how soil is formed.


Q28. Why do air above the soil shimmer on a hot summer day?


Q29. Which type of soil is best for growing paddy?


Q30. What is weathering?


Q31. Which type of soil retains the highest amount of water and which retains the least?


Q32. Which natural resource supports the growth of plants by holding the roots firmly and supplying water and nutrients?


Q33. How is clayey soil useful for crops?


Q34. What affect the soil profile and bring changes in the soil structure?


Q35. Why is top soil known as the habitat of many living organisms?


Q36. Why is the topsoil important for plant growth?


Q37. Why there is a demand to ban the polythene bags and plastics?


Q38. What are called horizons?


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