Soil - Questions

Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                          i.        In addition to the rock particles, the soil contains ___________,   ___________________, __________ and ___________.

                        ii.        The water holding capacity is the highest in ________________.

                       iii.        In desert soil erosion occurs through __________.

                       iv.        __________ soil can hold very little water.

                       v.        Soil is of different types:________, ____________and__________.

                      vi.        The uppermost horizon is generally dark in colour as it is rich in ____________ and _________________.


Q2. True/False

                         i.        Plantation prevents soil erosion. _________

                        ii.        Sandy soil is used to make pottery. _________

                       iii.        Use of polythene should be banned to avoid soil pollution. _________

                       iv.        Soil is important for life on the earth. _________

                       v.        Each layer of soil is same in feel (texture), colour, depth and chemical composition. _________

                      vi.        The loamy soil also has humus in it. _________


Q3. Which type of soil is well aerated?


Q4. Which soil has the highest percolation rate?


Q5. Which soil has the least percolation rate?


Q6. What is humus?


Q7. What is soil?


Q8. Name some soil pollutants.


Q9. Which soil horizon contains humus?


Q10. Which soil horizon has a lesser amount of humus but more of minerals?


Q11. Which type of soil is the best for making pots, toys and statues?


Q12. What kind of soil should be used for making matkas and surahis?


Q13. Why the uppermost horizon is generally dark in colour?


Q14. What is the role of humus in the soil?


Q15. What is soil profile?


Q16. What is loamy soil?


Q17. What is bedrock?


Q18. Which type of soil is best for growing wheat and gram?


Q19. Which areas experience more severe soil erosion?


Q20. Which type of soil is best for growing lentils?


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