Q20. The tropical rainforest has a large population of animals. Explain why it is so?


Q21. When are the maximum and minimum temperatures likely to occur during the day?


Q22. Why do toucans have big beaks, and what purpose does it serve?


Q23. What do you understand by the term weather?


Q24. Name some countries where the tropical rainforests are found.


Q25. What kind of information does a weather report carry?


Q26. Name some well-known countries that belong to the Polar Regions.


Q27. What do Meteorological Department of the Government do?


Q28. What is a rain gauge?


Q29. Write some of the adaptations of animals found in tropical rainforest.


Q30. How do migratory birds find their way?


Q31. Why birds migrate?


Q32. Do all the seven days have the same maximum and minimum temperatures, humidity and rainfall? Give reason.



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