Q22. Give examples of some acids and bases.


Q23. What are indicators?


Q24. What is the effect of the China rose indicator on acidic and basic solutions?


Q25. Ammonia is found in many household products, such as window cleaners. It turns red litmus blue. What is its nature?


Q26. Why a turmeric stain on my white shirt is turned to red when it is washed with soap.


Q27. How to prepare lime water?


Q28. Blue litmus paper is dipped in a solution. It remains blue. What is the nature of the solution? Explain.


Q29. What do you mean by neutral solution? Give examples.


Q30. Is the distilled water acidic/basic/neutral? How would you verify it?


Q31. How does rain become acidic?


Q32. Why factory waste is neutralised before disposing it into the water bodies?


Q33. Calamine solution is applied on the skin when an ant bites. Give reason.


Q34. Name the source from which litmus solution is obtained. What is the use of this solution?


Q35. Why we take an antacid tablet when we suffer from acidity?


Q36. Explain the process of neutralisation with the help of an example.

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