Q23. Why caterpillars need to shed their skin when they grow bigger?


Q24. What do you mean by shearing?


Q25. Write the sequence of steps involved in the processing of wool.


Q26. How are Pashmina Shawls made?


Q27. Why sheep have a thick coat of hair?


Q28. What is fibre?


Q29. How and when shearing is done?


Q30. Why shearing does not hurt the sheep?


Q31. What is scouring?


Q32. Where does angora wool come from?


Q33. What is silk route?


Q34. What do sheep feed on?


Q35. Where rearing and breeding of sheep is popular in India?


Q36. What are the two types of fibres that form the fleece of a sheep?


Q37. Why caterpillars should not be collected with bare hands?


Q38. Why sorter's job in wool industry is a risky job?


Q39. What is selective breeding?


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