Q23. How does food pass from the mouth to the stomach?


Q24. What is rumen?


Q25. How does an amoeba move?


Q26. What is the finger like projections present in the inner wall of the small intestine?


Q27. Which organ expelled out the undigested and unabsorbed residues from human body?


Q28. What are permanent teeth?


Q29. What does animal nutrition include?


Q30. What do you mean by animal nutrition?


Q31. What are the different modes of feeding in animals?


Q32. What is digestion?


Q33. Name the glands that secrete digestive juices.


Q34. What is diarrhoea?


Q35. What is ORS?


Q36. Where is the bile produced? Which component of the food does it help to digest?


Q37. What are ruminant animals?


Q38. Where is the pancreas located in human body?


Q39. How does an amoeba capture its food?


Q40. What do pancreatic juices digest?


Q41. What is absorption in terms of digestion?


Q42. What do you mean by rumination?


Q43. What is cud?


Q44. What are milk teeth?


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