Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                           i.         The main steps of nutrition in humans are___________, __________,

____________, _____________and_____________.

                          ii.        The largest gland in the human body is ___________.

                         iii.        The stomach releases hydrochloric acid and ___________juices which act on food.

                         iv.        The inner wall of the small intestine has many finger-like outgrowths called________.

                          v.        Amoeba digests its food in the food ______________.

                         vi.        We chew the food with the ________and break it down mechanically into small pieces.


Q2. True/False

                          i.         Digestion of starch starts in the stomach. _________

                         ii.        The tongue helps in mixing food with saliva. ________

                        iii.        The gall bladder temporarily stores bile. _________

                        iv.        The ruminants bring back swallowed grass into their mouth and chew it for some time. ________

                         v.        We chew the food with the teeth and break it down mechanically into small pieces. ________

                        vi.        Large intestine receives digested and absorbed food. _______


Q3. What is the organ that stores bile?


Q4. Which part of the digestive canal is involved in killing bacteria?


Q5. Name the part of digestive canal involved in chewing of food.


Q6. Where are fats digested in the body?


Q7. Where is the water from undigested food absorbed in the body?


Q8. What kills bacteria that enter along with the juices to act?


Q9. Where food is completely digested?


Q10. Where are faeces formed in the human body?


Q11. Which glands secrete saliva?


Q12. Where food is absorbed in our body?


Q13. Which gland in our body secretes bile?


Q14. Where faeces are stored?


Q15. What are the end products of carbohydrate?


Q16. Name the end products of fats.


Q17. Write the end products of proteins.


Q18. What causes diarrhoea in human beings?


Q19. Which is the largest gland in the human body?


Q20. What is ingestion?


Q21. What are the different types of teeth?


Q22. What does saliva do to food in our mouth?


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