Q23. What should we do with the left-over food at home?


Q24. What do you understand by vermicomposting?


Q25. Polythene bags should not be used for garbage disposal. Why?


Q26. What are the uses of plastic?


Q27. Why polythene bags create a big problem in garbage disposal?


Q28. Why plastic should not be burnt?


Q29. How the non-useful component of the garbage is treated?


Q30. The use of plastics in itself might not create so much of a problem. Comment


Q31. Why is burning of husk, dried leaves and part of crop plants considered as bad practice? What could be a better alternative?


Q32. Why we should not use wastes that may contain salt, pickles, oil, vinegar, meat and milk preparations as food for redworms?


Q33. Suggest some handicrafts which can be prepared using waste material.


Q34. Rag pickers always suffer from diseases. Give reason.


Q35. What are the effects of throwing garbage in open place?

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