Q39. Write four properties of the air.


Q40. During an incident of fire, one is advised to wrap a woolen blanket over a burning object. Explain why?


Q41. How will you show that air is dissolved in water?


Q42. How do organisms living under the soil get air for respiration?


Q43. Why do living things need air to survive?


Q44. What is wind energy? Write its two advantages.


Q45.  Prove that 'Air contains dust and smoke’.


Q46. What are the major constituents of air and their percentages?


Q47. What are the activities which can be possible only in the presence of air?


Q48. How balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is maintained?


Q49. Draw a diagram showing composition of air in atmosphere.


Q50. How do you prove air occupies space?


Q51. How will you demonstrate that air mainly contains oxygen and nitrogen?


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