Q19. Why rain clouds look grey in color?


Q20. Where water in the taps comes from?


Q21. Sea water is not fit for drinking. Why?


Q22. Water from wet roads, rooftops and a few other places disappears after the rains. Where does this water go?


Q23. Dia kept two similar plates with equal amount of water, one in sunlight and other in her room. From which plate does water disappear first? Give reason.


Q24. What would happen if we do not have easy access to water for a long period of time?


Q25. What are the two main natural sources of water?


Q26. How rain water is important?


Q27. Write two harmful effects of drought on plants?


Q28. What do you understand by ground water?


Q29. List some of the activities for which we use water in a day.


Q30. First shower of rain water is not pure. Why?


Q31. Why water disappears from the bowl kept in the shade?


Q32. From where do water drops appear on the outer side of the glass containing ice cubes?


Q33. How are clouds formed?


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