Q20. How does a magnetic compass works?


Q21. Can poles of magnet be isolated?


Q22. What is north seeking pole and south seeking pole of a magnet?


Q23. Tom mixed some board pins with saw dust while doing his school project. How can he separate board pins from the saw dust without picking with his hands?


Q24. Repulsion is the sure test of magnetism. Why?


Q25. What is a Magnetic compass? Where it is used?


Q26. Write some common uses of magnets.


Q27. What are Magnetic Material and Non-Magnetic Material? Give examples.


Q28. Write the magnetic and non-magnetic substances from the list given below in respective column:

Iron, Steel, Nickel, Plastic, Cobalt, Wood, Copper, a stainless steel spoon and leather


Q29. Differentiate between Natural and Artificial Magnet.


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