Q22. What exactly are shadows?


Q23. What do we see when we look into the mirror?


Q24. What advantage the pinhole camera has over the more usual lens camera?


Q25. What do you understand by scattering of light?


Q26. Why train and airplane services are disturbed on rainy or foggy day?


Q27. Can we see our reflection in a mirror in a completely dark room?


Q28. What is lateral inversion?


Q29. What is reflection of light?


Q30. Write some man-made or artificial sources of light.


Q31. Why it is not possible to see the candle flame from a bent pipe?


Q32. What are the characteristic of the image formed by plane mirrors?


Q33. How is the shadow of an object affected by its distance from a light?


Q34. Does cloud transmit light?


Q35. How can you convert a transparent glass sheet into a translucent glass sheet?


Q36. Why are the moon and the planets considered as non-luminous objects?


Q37. Why light is essential to sustain life of human beings, animals and plants?



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