About the poem

A.  Read to understand

1. Fill in the columns based on your reading of the poem.

Time of day

Type of garment

Colour of garment

For whom














2. Answer the following questions.

     a)   What three events are referred to in the poem? Can you guess the three stages of human life indicated by these events?


     b)   With what do the weavers compare the garments being woven by them?


     c)   Do you think the weavers are affected by what they are weaving? Give a reason for your answer.



B.  Discuss

     1.   What is the difference between fashion and style?


     2.   Clothes and accessories have a language of their own. What things do they express or help communicate?


     3.   Once Mahatma Gandhi was arrested and in reply to the magistrate’s enquiry about his occupation, he said, ‘I am a spinner, a weaver, and a farmer.’ Find out and discuss Mahatma Gandhi’s view on the weaving profession in India.

Check this web page for help: http://www.mkgandhi.org/bahurupi/chap13.htm

C.  Read to appreciate

     1.   What is the stanzaic pattern of the poem?


     2.   What is its rhyming scheme?


     3.   How many rhyming couplets does the poem have?


     4.   List all the pairs of end rhymes in the poem.


     5.   Give three examples of alliteration from the poem.


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