About the passage

A.  Read to understand

Answer the following questions.

     1.   Why didn’t Clover and Cecy mind at being kept away from Katy’s room?


     2.   What were the various things that Cousin Helen noticed when she came for a visit?


     3.   ‘Isn’t it horrid?’

            a.   Who said this and to whom?

         b.   What was the ‘horrid’ thing mentioned by the speaker?


     4.   What were the different things that Katy wished to do?


     5.   ‘That class has ever so many teachers.’

         a.   Who said this and to whom?

         b.   What is the ‘class’ being referred to here?


     6.   What are the different lessons to be learnt in the ‘School of Pain’?

B.  Read to infer

1.   Was Cousin Helen a healthy person? Justify your answer.


2.   Why did Cousin Helen believe that Katy’s current situation was suited to make an impact on the lives of those around her?


3.   Why do you think Katy listened to Cousin Helen but none of the others?


C.  Discuss

1.   Katy had many ambitions and she talks of them remaining unfulfilled because she had become invalid for the time being. Do you know of anyone who has achieved their ambitions despite being an invalid for life? Talk about them in class.


2.   The title of this passage is the same as the title of the book from which it has been taken. Discuss with your partner and come up with another suitable title for the passage.


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