Q22. What are the four passes that Manali - Leh highway crosses?


Q23. What are the main characteristics of the desert areas?


Q24. Which are the two words that make the word Ladakh?


Q25. Which place recorded the highest temperature of 57.7°C in 1922?


Q26. Why does Ladakh desert get very little rainfall?


Q27. Name the trees that grow in Ladakh.


Q28. Name the countries that touch the Sahara desert.


Q29. Why oasis in the Sahara has settled population?


Q30. Name some common birds of Ladakh.


Q31. Why do people hunt Chiru or the Tibetan antelope?


Q32. Where is Ladakh desert located?


Q33. Why there is scanty vegetation in the deserts?


Q34. Why do nomadic tribes of Sahara desert rear livestock?


Q35. What are the climatic conditions of the Sahara desert?


Q36. How did the Sahara become a desert?


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