Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                       i.        River Mississippi drains ___________.

                      ii.        Drakensburg Mountains bound the ______________.

                     iii.        Merino is a species of _____________.

                     iv.        Kimberley is famous for its ________________.

                      v.        The Canadian prairies are drained by the tributaries of ________.

                     vi.        The Veld name was given by the __________settlers before South Africa was colonized by the British.


Q2. True/False

                        i.        Climate plays an important role in the formation of grasslands. ______

                       ii.        The temperate grasslands of North America are known as the Velds. ___________

                      iii.        The velds have a mild climate due to the influence of the Indian Ocean. _______

                      iv.        The prairies are bound by the Himalayan Mountains in the West. ____

                      v.        Prairies are practically tree-less. __________


Q3. In which hemisphere do the Velds lie?


Q4. What are Velds?


Q5. What are the Temperate Grasslands of North America called?


Q6. What are the cattle farms in the North American Grasslands known as?


Q7. Name the rivers that drain the Velds.


Q8. Which city is known as the gold capital of the world?


Q9. Name some animals found in the prairie region.


Q10. Name some animals found in Velds region.


Q11. From where does the word prairie originate?


Q12. Which is the most important animal of prairie region?


Q13. Name some tribes of prairies.


Q14. When is the rainy season in the Velds?


Q15. Name the important cities in the American prairies.


Q16. Name the important cities in the Canadian prairies.


Q17. What is combine?


Q18. Which countries in Africa are covered by the Velds?


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