Q21. What types of house are common in areas of hot climate?


Q22. Which type of transport is used for short distance?


Q23. Which is the longest railway system?


Q24. Name some the important inland water ways.


Q25. What is mass media?


Q26. How did people travel in the past?


Q27. Why it became necessary to have a permanent home?


Q28. What is Transhumance?


Q29. How sea and oceanic route are important?


Q30. Write some names of some newspapers.


Q31. When are helicopters useful?


Q32. Where do you find dwellings made of ice? Who makes them and what are they called?


Q33. What do you know about scattered settlement?


Q34. What is Golden Quadrilateral?


Q35. Mention any two merits of railways.


Q36. Write some important ports of the world.


Q37. How has the internet made our lives more comfortable?


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