Q21. Why are the equatorial forest considered as the lungs of the earth?


Q22. Name some citrus fruits that are cultivated in Mediterranean region.


Q23. What are the animals found in the tropical deciduous forest?


Q24. Which are the three broad categories of natural vegetation?


Q25. In which part of the world are tropical deciduous forest found?


Q26. What animals live in the polar region?


Q27. What are the two types of grasslands?


Q28. What do you know about anaconda?


Q29. Name some hardwood trees that are commonly found in tropical deciduous forest.


Q30. What is special about Mediterranean trees?


Q31. Why the type and thickness of vegetation changes from place to place?


Q32. Why is Mediterranean climate suitable for growing a number of fruits especially citrus?


Q33. How does altitude affect vegetation?


Q34. What are the different names of grasslands?


Q35. Mention the uses of coniferous forest.


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