Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                        i.        Mosses and Lichens are found in ________________.

                       ii.        Thorny bushes are found in _______and _______desertic climate.

                      iii.        Steppe grassland is found in________________.

                      iv.        Cedar is a _____________tree.

                      v.        Campos is ___________________of Brazil.

                     vi.        Prairie is ______________grassland.

         vii.        Grass in temperate grasslands is __________and_____________.


Q2. True/False

                        i.        Thorny shrubs and scrubs grow in the dry region. ________

                       ii.        The changes in the type of natural vegetation occur mainly because of the changes of climatic condition. ________

                      iii.        Rose wood, ebony, mahogany are common trees of tropical deciduous forests. ________

                      iv.        The temperate evergreen forests are located in the mid latitudinal coastal region. _________


Q3. Name one common animal found in tropical evergreen forest?


Q4. What does taiga mean in Russian language?


Q5. In which climatic conditions are citrus fruits cultivated?


Q6. Why tropical deciduous trees shed their leaves in the dry season?


Q7. Name the two hardwood trees commonly found in tropical evergreen forest.


Q8. What makes the coniferous forest unique?


Q9. Where are savannah grasslands?


Q10. What is the other name of tropical evergreen forests?


Q11. Where is Veld Temperate Grassland?


Q12. Where are Llanos grasslands found?


Q13. Where are tropical desert located?


Q14. Name the animals found in the tropical grassland.


Q15. Which are the two factors on which the growth of vegetation mostly depends?


Q16. In which part of the world is seasonal grassland found?


Q17. Why animals in polar region have thick fur and thick skin?


Q18. Name the animals found in the coniferous forest?


Q19. Where are temperate evergreen forests found?


Q20. Which regions is called "Orchards of the World" and why?


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