Q25. What is wind?


Q26. Why do we feel uncomfortable on a humid day?


Q27. What do you understand by climate of a place?


Q28. In which layers of the earth's atmosphere does the temperature rises very rapidly with increasing height?


Q29. What causes flooding of low lying areas?


Q30. How are winds named?


Q31. Which two gases make the bulk of the atmosphere?


Q32. Which gas creates greenhouse effect in the atmosphere?


Q33. Name three types of rainfall.


Q34. What is air pressure?


Q35. What are the three main types of winds?


Q36. How does carbon dioxide create greenhouse effect?


Q37. Why does hot air rise & cold air sink?


Q38. Why wet clothes take longer time to dry on a humid day?


Q39. What is global warming?


Q40. Why poles are covered with snow?


Q41. Why rain is important for us? How plants can help with water conservation?


Q42. How do bacteria help plants use nitrogen?


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