Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                         i.        Mushroom rocks are found in _______________.

                        ii.        Ox bow lakes are found in river ___________.

                       iii.        ___________are “rivers” of ice.

                       iv.        The highest waterfall is __________Falls of Venezuela in __________ America.

                        v.        Sudden movements in the earth interior are cause due to _________________.


Q2. True/False

                         i.        The molten magma inside the earth moves in a circular manner. ____

                        ii.        Beach is an erosional feature of sea waves. _______

                        iii.        Moraine is a depositional feature of a glacier. _______

                        iv.        Volcano is caused by the sudden movements of the earth. ________

                         v.        The strength of the earthquake increases away from the centre. _____

                       vi.        Moraine is the depositional feature of a glacier. _________


Q3. What are the major agents of erosion?


Q4. Define loess?


Q5. What is vent?


Q6. What is a seismograph?


Q7. What is the name of the scale used to measure earthquakes?


Q8. Write some examples of coastal landforms?


Q9. Write names of a few rivers of the world that form a delta.


Q10. What are distributaries?


Q11. Why do the plates move?


Q12. How are beaches formed?


Q13. What is erosion?


Q14. What are meanders?


Q15. What are Lithospheric plates?


Q16. How much do lithospheric plates move in a year?


Q17. What is a volcano?


Q18. What are the two processes which wear away the landscape?


Q19. How do glacial moraines form?


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