Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities – Questions

Q20. Who were paiks?


Q21. Who was Raja Man Singh?


Q22. How did castes of entertainers earn their livelihood?


Q23. What did Mughal capture when they defeat the Gonds?


Q24. How did Garha Katanga earn much of its wealth?


Q25. Who was Rani Durgawati?


Q26. Who are nomads?


Q27. Which was the most influential tribe in Punjab during 13th and 14th century?


Q28. What are itinerant groups?


Q29. What kinds of exchanges took place between nomadic pastoralists and settled agriculturists?


Q30. What is clan?


Q31. What is 'shifting cultivation'?


Q32. Write about the occupation of Ahom society.


Q33. Who were Gonds?


Q34. Write about the administrative system Gond Kingdoms.


Q35. Explain the term 'khel' in reference to Ahom society.


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