Q21. What were the textiles of Surat famous for?


Q22. What was the significance of Surat hundis?


Q23. Where is Hampi located?


Q24. Name the spices which became part of European cooking.


Q25. Why did the rulers endow temples with grants of land and money?


Q26. From where did the Gujarati Traders imported spices, tin, Chinese blue pottery and silver?


Q27. Why both the Dutch and English East India Companies attempted to control Masulipatnam?


Q28. Write some important temple towns.


Q29. What is hundi?


Q30. What do temple town represent?


Q31. Who tried to play off Dutch and English against each other and why?


Q32. What attracted European traders to India?


Q33. Write a brief note about Murshidabad.


Q34. What kind of market did the small towns have?


Q35. What was the system of advances? How did it affect the life of Weavers?


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