Q20. Which style was used in the construction between the eighth and thirteenth centuries?


Q21. Why were temples destroyed?


Q22. Who built Qutb Minar?


Q23. What types of architects found between seventh and tenth centuries?


Q24. How is the “trabeate” principle of architecture different from the “arcuate”?


Q25. Write a short note on architecture of Taj Mahal.


Q26. Write a short note on Qutb Minar.


Q27. What role did the Yamuna play in the layout of the new Mughal city at Shahjahanabad?


What were the main features of Shah Jahan's new city Shahjahanabad?


Q28. What kinds of structure were built between 8th and 18th century?


Q29. What are the main features of Humayun’s tomb?


Q30. Write a short note on the chahar bagh constructed by the Mughals rulers.


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