Q1. What were havelis?


Q2. When was Humayun tomb constructed?


Q3. How did Persian court chronicles describe sultan?


Q4. Explain the term mahamandapa.


Q5. What is a superstructure?


Q6. Who built Jami Masjid?


Q7. Who built Rajarajeshvara temple?


Q8. What is a shikhara?


Q9. What is pietra-dura?


Q10. Who constructed kandariya mahadeva temple and when?


Q11. What is the special feature of Akbar’s capital at Fatehpur Sikri?


Q12. Who invaded Sri Lanka and whom did he defeat?


Q13. How much labor and materials was used to build the Agra Fort?


Q14. Who won the universal respect for constructing a large reservoir just outside Dehli-i-Kuhna?


Q15. Where is Harmandar Sahib?


Q16. What was Hauz-i-Sultani?


Q17. Why was limestone used in construction of large structures?


Q18. What are the elements of a Mughal chahar bagh garden?


Q19. How did king win the praise of their subjects?


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