Q22. Who was Babur?


Q23. What was known as zabt?


Q24. What was the name that Prince Khurram assumed after he ascended the throne?


Q25. Who was victorious in the conflict over succession amongst the Shah Jahan’s sons?


Q26. What were the central provinces under the control of the Mughals?


Q27. What was zat?


Q28. What was the role of the zamindar in Mughal administration?


Q29. Explain the term Dogma and Bigot.


Q30. Aurangzeb insulted Shivaji when he came to accept Mughal authority. What was the consequence of this insult?


Q31. Why was it a difficult task for rulers of Middle Ages to rule the Indian subcontinent?


Q32. What helped the Mughals to extend their influence over many kings and chieftains?


Q33. What do you mean by the term mansabdar?


What do you know about Mansabdari System?


Q34. What were the military responsibilities of mansabdars?


Q35. What power did the nobles exercise during Akbar reign?


Q36. What was the relationship between the mansabdar and the jagir?


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