Q45. Write a short note on idea of "Three orders" formulated in France in the early eleventh century.


Q46. Discuss the importance of constructing mosque by the rulers of Delhi sultanate.


Q47. What do you know about Quwwat al-Islam mosque?


Q48. Why were the Delhi Sultans interested in cutting down forests? Does deforestation occur for the same reasons today?


Q49. What were the two reasons that prompted Muhammad-bin- Tughluq to shift the capital to Daulatabad?


Q50. ‘Muhammad Tughluq’s administrative measures were a failure’. How?


Q51. Write a short note on the ‘Token Currency System’ introduced by Muhammad Tughlaq.


Q52. Why did Alauddin control the prices of goods in Delhi? What did he do for this?


Q53. What forced the two rulers Allauddin Khilji and Muhammed Tughluq to mobilise a large standing army in Delhi?


Write briefly about the invasion of the Mongols and its results.


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