The Delhi Sultans - Questions

Q35. According to the “Circle of Justice”, why was it important for military commanders to keep the interests of the peasantry in mind?


Q36. List the five dynasties of the Delhi Sultanate?


Q37. Why the early Delhi Sultans, especially Iltutmish, favoured their special slaves purchased for military service?


Q38. What were the four stages involved in the preparation of a manuscript?


Q39. Who were the bandagans and what was their role in the Delhi Sultanate?


Q40. Why do you think Barani criticised the Sultan?


Q41. What was the impact of the Mongol invasions on the Delhi Sultanate?


Q42. How did Delhi become an important city in the twelfth century?


Q43. Why did the rulers of the Delhi Sultanate fail to control the hinterlands initially?


Q44. Who was Raziyya? Why was she removed from the throne?


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